Novozymes seeks partner for house dust mite allergy vaccine  

The Danish concern has overcome a major barrier in developing a new HDM allergy vaccine and now seeks a partner for further development

Novozymes, a world leader in enzymes and microorganisms, has overcome a major barrier in its programme to develop a new house dust mite (HDM) allergy vaccine. Novozymes has developed a recombinant version of the complex protein Der p 1, one of the two major HDM allergens, and has been able to make variants that can reduce the risk of anaphylactic reaction (protein shock) which can follow vaccine injection.


Ejner Bech Jensen vice president of R&D says, "The recombinant expression of Der p 1 in an FDA approved host is a major accomplishment for Novozymes and could lead to the development of a new, immunologically safe vaccine that will provide real benefits for people who suffer from dust mite allergy and for whom current immunotherapy is unavailable, inappropriate or tedious".


Novozymes is now actively seeking a partner with an interest in the allergy vaccine field which can help take the product into clinical trials. Novozymes will be attending the BIO 2004 Annual International Conference in San Francisco on June 6-9 where the topic will be presented. The news is reported by Ritzau and on Novozymes' website.


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