OOVM has developed software that fixes faults in embedded chips  

Fledgling software developer OOVM is close to completing a round of financing which will be used to launch its Resilient software commercially

Fledgling Aarhus based software developer OOVM is getting closer to launching a product which can fix faults in equipment with miniature built-in computers, such as washing machines, cameras, mobile phones, hi-fi equipment and electronic toys. OOVM stands for Object Oriented Virtual Machine, and its product Resilient is a software platform that can oversee the software that drives the small computers – known as embedded systems. OOVM has completed the development of Resilient and is currently in the process of closing investments in the company which will be used for market launch.


The benefit of Resilient for both manufacturers and customers is that rather than having to recall or receive back products whose software fails, the problem can instead be found and rectified or the system software updated, without the end user needing to return it. Producers typically keep the amount of spare memory down to an absolute minimum, so Resilient has been designed accordingly. Its compactness makes it possible to fit the virtual machine, core libraries, device drivers, TCP/IP networking stack, and user applications in less than 128KB of memory. The news is reported by financial newspaper Børsen online.


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