Promising preclinical results for LiPlasome Pharma  

The Danish biotech company has shown proof of principle of its drug delivery technology for cancer treatment

The Danish biotech company LiPlasome Pharma has shown proof of principle of its drug delivery technology for cancer treatment. The breakthrough is a result of three years intensive research. LiPlasome Pharma has patented a new tumour activated delivery platform which allows intravenous transport of high concentrations of encapsulated anticancer drugs such as doxorubicin to cancer tissues. An independent cancer laboratory in Berlin has shown that the method works in preclinical trials in mice.


If the method also works in human beings, cancer treatment can be improved since lower doses of toxic anticancer drugs will be required and damaging side effects will thus be reduced. LiPlasome Pharma will present their technology at two conferences in the US, the Annual Meeting for the American Association of Cancer Research and the Annual Meeting for the Controlled Release Society. The news is reported by BiotechDenmark online and on LiPlasome Pharma's website.


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