Robots create jobs  

The number of robots in the Danish business environment is on the upward scale

Robots create Danish jobs, keep costs at a low level and thereby retain companies in Denmark.


Robotics represent almost DKK 19 bn. of the Danish national economy and approx. 5,400 people are directly employed within the automatisation of workingprocesses.

However, the indirect effect of Robotics on the Danish economy is even more extensive, says head of department Morten Holst Bøgh, from a committee under "Dansk Automationsselskab", which has explored whether the number of available engineers competent within Robotics is sufficient to meet business demands.


Morten Holst Bøgh is working with automatisation at Grundfos A/S: " Over the last eigth years, we have introduced approx. 130 robots and we have never had as many Danish employees as we do today. Therefore, there is no reason for concern regarding the increasing number of robots. On the contrary, robots are a prerequisite for keeping costs at a minimum and thereby maintaining production in Denmark", he comments.

"Dansk Automationsselskab" concludes in its report, that the Danish educational sector actually meets the business sector's demand for competencies within Robotics. A drawback at present is that the students must shop around between Universities and engineering colleges to put together their education.


The news was first reported by Erhvervsbladet

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