Saxo Bank's forex trading system to be used by US clearing house  

Chicago based clearing house Rosenthal Collins Group will incorporate the Danish system into its own trading platform

Chicago based clearing house Rosenthal Collins Group has entered an agreement with the Danish online trading bank Saxo Bank on using the latter's online foreign exchange trading and information system. Saxo Bank's online system will become part of Rosenthal Collins' trading platform. It is the first time the Danish developed system will become available through a US company.


Saxo Bank is based in Gentofte, Copenhagen and employs 260 people. Saxo Bank activities include online trading of foreign exchange, stocks, stocks on margin, futures and fixed income products. Trading is primarily done through an advanced online trading platform, SaxoTrader, which was developed by Saxo Bank. The news is reported by national broadsheet Jyllands-Posten online.


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