Scandinavia well ahead within IT  

Scandinavian companies are European leaders within investments in IT and telecommunication, according to a new prognosis
Western European IT and telecommunication markets will continue their progress both this year and next; even though the overall growth for 2004 will be less than expected.
This is the prognosis from the European IT association, Eito, which predicts the Scandinavian countries to have the strongest growth.
“We are further ahead in Scandinavia in many areas, when it comes to IT applications”, says Area Director Tom Togsverd from ITEK – the Danish IT association.
Based on numbers from Statistics Denmark, ITEK predicts that the growth in Denmark will be in the range of approx. 5-6% in the years to come.
At a European level, Eito predicts a growth in IT investments of 3% in 2004 - at a level of DKK 4.5 bn. In 2005, a 4% increase is expected.
The US constitutes a third of the global market, Europe approx. 30% and Japan 12%. The remaining 25% are divided between the rest of the world. Scandinavia constitutes 9% of the Western European technology market.
The above text is an abstract from an article published at on October 15 2004

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