The number of broadband internet connections continues to rise  

New figures from published by the National IT and Telecom Agency show that 200,000 more broadband connections were installed in H1 2004

New figures from H1 2004 published by the National IT and Telecom Agency, show that 890,000 Danes had broadband connections at the end of June, an increase of 200,000 since the beginning of the year. Of these 562,000 had ADSL subscriptions, 250,000 had broadband access via cable modem, 50,000 via a 3G telephone, and 28,000 had other broadband connections. If growth continues at the same speed, it is estimated that 1 million Danes (out of a population of 5.4 million) will have broadband connections by October this year.


Commenting on the broadband growth figures Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation Helge Sander said, "At this rate Denmark continue to be No.1 in Europe, and has moved up one place globally to 3rd position. It has great importance for the individual and society, that broadband connections are on their way to becoming something everyone has". The news is reported by financial newspaper Børsen online.

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