Thomsen Bioscience enters agreement with Italian helicopter company  

As part of the agreement Thomsen Bioscience receives DKK 1.5 mn to develop a prototype of a biochip

The Danish company Thomsen Bioscience has entered an agreement with the Italian helicopter company AgustaWestland. The latter will be funding the development of a prototype of a Biological Warfare Agent detection system (BWAC) and paying DKK 1.5 mn (USD 255,000) in advance to Thomsen Bioscience. AgustaWestland has also acquired the rights to market the BWAC system until 2010.


Lars Thomsen, the founder of Thomsen Bioscience says the agreement could mean that the company will be able to generate revenues of DKK 100 mn (USD 17 mn) by 2010. In addition to detection use in biological warfare, the BWAC system can also reveal outbreaks of diseases such as SARS and tuberculosis. The system is expected to be ready for production during this autumn and for sales in a year at most.


Thomsen Bioscience was founded on 1st September 2001, just one week before 9/11, with the aim of developing a biological warfare detection device based on intelligent biochips. A short time after the attack on the World Trade Centre, a development contract was signed with the Danish and Swedish Ministries of Defence to develop a biochip. The company is based in Norresundby in north Jutland. The news is reported by national newspaper Berlingske Tidende and on Thomsen Bioscience's website.


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