Tivoli introduces new Bluetooth child surveillance system  

The Danish amusement park will offer a new surveillance system for parents with small children based on Bluetooth technology

Danish amusement park Tivoli is introducing a new Bluetooth surveillance system for parents with small children when it opens the doors for the new season on Friday 16 April. The system is based on Bluetooth bracelets supplied by BlueTags and 63 access points supplied by Blip Systems.


The access points are located throughout the park and can pinpoint the location of the bracelets down to 20 metres. Parents can buy a bracelet for their child for DKK 20 (USD 3.2) and send an SMS via their mobile phone. 20 seconds later they will know where in the park their child is.


Tivoli is Europe's third largest amusement park attracting four million visitors annually. It is an important reference for north Jutland based BlueTags which expects two or three other European amusement parks to be added to its customer list this year. The news is reported by Computerworld online.


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