US Army's research institution chooses Danish drug candidate  

LICA Pharmaceuticals and the US Army's research Institution, WRAIR, have entered an agreement to further develop LICA's antimalarial drug candidate

Copenhagen based LICA Pharmaceuticals and the US Army's research institution, Walter Reed Army Institute of research (WRAIR), have entered a collaboration agreement to further develop LICA's chalcone antimalarial drug candidate. As yet there is no financial deal between the parties, but Arsalan Kharazmi, MD of LICA, says that WRAIR has committed itself to bring the drug into preclinical and later clinical development.


WRAIR has extensive experience in developing drugs and vaccines for the treatment and prophylaxis of tropical diseases. The further development of LICA's antimalarial drug candidate will take place both in Denmark and the US. LICA will keep all rights to the drug and hopes to enter an agreement with a large pharmaceutical company when the first clinical tests have been carried out. The news is reported by BiotechDenmark online.


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