ZLB Behring sets up new operational office in Denmark  

Biological drug manufacturer ZLB sets up an operational office in Denmark following successful tendering for a Danish contract for human plasma fractionation

In the fall of 2003, ZLB Behring won a tender for the fractionation of human plasma, which was proposed by the Danish counties pharmaceutical purchasing unit, Amgros. The aim of the contract is to secure adequate supply to Danish patients of the state of the art biological products, Sandoglobulin and Humane Albumin ZLB, based on plasma collected from non-remunerated Danish donors.


As a result of winning the tender, ZLB Behring has as of April 2004 set up a new operational office in Denmark, which will oversee and coordinate the execution of the contract in close collaboration with ZLB Behring AG in Bern, Switzerland.


The ZLB Behring Group of Companies (ZLB) develops, produces and markets high-quality biological drugs made from human plasma and operates plasma collection centers and a laboratory in the United States of America.


ZLB is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of intravenously administered polyvalent immunoglobulins. Immunoglobulin preparations and albumin solutions are manufactured in accordance with international safety and quality standards at the production plants of ZLB Behring AG in Bern (Switzerland) which have been licensed by the Swiss health authorities and the US FDA.


The products of ZLB are distributed worldwide: in the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Italy and in Switzerland by companies of the ZLB group, in other countries by distributors. ZLB will further expand its network of European affiliates by opening branches in other countries.


“We expect to introduce both Sandoglobulin and Humane Albumin ZLB onto the Danish market by September 2004, only six months after commencing the collection of plasma from the Danish blood centers” says General Manager Morten Svenningsen, ZLB Behring in Denmark. He expects that the Danish company will soon comprise 4-5 employees as well as a number of contract service providers in Denmark.


The ultimate Parent Company of the ZLB Group of Companies is CSL Limited, a pharmaceutical company which operates worldwide from headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.


For further information please contact General Manager Morten Svenningsen morten.svenningsen@zlbbehring.com or Investment Manager Jens Birk jb@investindk.com

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