Analysis shows increased earnings among IT companies in 2004  

Key 2004 figures from Denmark's 160 largest IT companies show that total earnings improved by DKK 2 bn on the previous year

A new analysis from financial daily newspaper Børsen shows that Denmark's 160 largest IT companies improved their total earnings by DKK 2 bn (USD 320 mn) in 2004. The key figures reveal that both revenues and number of employees increased. In total, the 160 companies employed 4,700 people more in 2004. Sales of IT and teleservices exceeded DKK 100 bn (USD 16 bn); this figure excludes DKK 43.6 bn (USD 7 bn) generated by Denmark's largest telecompany TDC.

Søren Strøm, partner at Ernst & Young says: "The analysis shows that the companies have been through a long haul, but can now start to employ people again because they have adjusted their costs. There is a clear sign of more belief in the future".

The greatest growth in sales was seen among suppliers of hardware where the 49 biggest companies in this area improved their revenues from a DKK 600 mn loss (USD 102 mn) in 2003 to a DKK 900 mn profit (USD 153 mn) in 2004. IT dealers, software suppliers, service companies and IT distributors also progressed. The news is reported by financial daily newspaper Børsen.

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