Danish Technology can track terrorists  

A small Danish company has invented an artificial ‘nose’ able to trace explosives or chemical gasses
An artificial ‘dog’s nose’ may in the future prevent bombs or the spreading of chemical gasses and thereby save thousands of lives.
Behind the invention is the small Danish company Cantion A/S that has developed a chip with the delicacy of a bomb dog’s nose. The chip may be programmed to trace molecules in explosives and poisonous gasses and thereby warn citizens of terror threats in for example public transportation.
Both the American military and national safety organisation are interested in employing Cantion’s technology and participate actively in the development. Cantion counts on being able to put a minicomputer into production within a few years, which can convert the signals from the chip into a sound or another signal, which may warn against a potential terror threat.
The chip has already been sold to a range of universities and the technology is receiving great attention worldwide.
The news was first reported in Jyllands Posten

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