Danish research team reports promising tests of appetite reducing substance  

A research team from two Danish universities has conducted tests which show that the fatty acid oleoylethanolamide can help fight obesity

A research team from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University and the Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences has reported promising tests of a substance which can help fight obesity by diminishing appetite. The substance, oleoylethanolamide, is a fatty acid which occurs naturally in humans.


The tests which have yielded the promising results were conducted in rats. Researcher Gitte Petersen says that the team has also discovered that oleoylethanolamide can be taken orally, whereas formerly it could only be delivered via injections. "We expect that there will be few or no side effects in humans", adds Gitte Petersen.


300,000 Danes are estimated to be obese and approximately three times as many to be overweight. The news is reported by professional journal Ingeniøren (The Engineer).


Link > The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University 


Link > The Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences 

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