Denmark no. 1 in Europe in wireless PDAs per capita  

Denmark is the country in Europe with the highest per capita number of PDA’s with built-in mobile phone and wireless network. The sale of PDA’s in Denmark has doubled within the last year.
Denmark tops the European elite, when it comes to the penetration of the new type of PDAs containing mobile phones and wireless networks, according to an analysis from Canalys.
In 2004, Danes bought 109,560 PDAs, which is a doubling of the sale compared to preceding years
The newest technology with built-in GSM/GPRS has convinced Danes to buy PDAs and in Q4 alone, 13,580 wireless PDAs were sold in Denmark
In comparison, home of mobile giant Nokia, Finland, had a sale of 1,040 wireless PDAs in the same period of time
Hewlett-Packard is market leader within the PDA market and represents approx. 50 percent of the wireless sale in Q4.
’Over a period of time, the PDA growth was driven by the GPS navigation, while today, it is the need for mobile e-mail and access to the company’s IT-systems, which drives the growth’, comments Market Director Anders Herløv, HP Denmark
According to Canalsys, the overall PDA sale in Q4 2004 was approx. 37,000 items.

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