FL Telecom first with mobile phone using Intel's Manitoba processor  

Jutland based FL Telecom has developed the first mobile phone based on Intel's Manitoba processor, and has entered a marketing agreement with a UK company

FL Telecom located in Aalborg, northern Jutland, has developed the first mobile phone based on Intel's Manitoba processor which enables the phone to be used as a music player with up to 1,000 tracks on the memory card. FL Telecom has recently entered an agreement with a UK mobile operator which will market the new phone under its own name in UK.

Henrik Findinge, managing director of FL Telecom is not disclosing the identity of the UK mobile operator, but according to ComputerWorld which announced the news, it is apparently MMO2. The phone has been put into production in the Czech Republic, and is currently being tested by several teleoperators which are considering selling it under their own names.

"Teleoperators have great interest in a phone like ours which is strong as a music player. It is an area where there are prospects of earning good money on customers' music downloads", says Henrik Findinge. FL Telecom's next project is to develop another mobile phone which integrates the functions of a music player.

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