Fledgling biotech company gains preliminary product approval  

Copenhagen based Curalogic, which specialises in developing oral allergy treatment, has gained preliminary approval of its first product from PEI in Germany

Fledgling biotech company Curalogic based in Copenhagen, has gained preliminary approval of its first product from Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) in Germany, a health authority which approves immunotherapy products. PEI assesses that Curalogic's most advanced product, a capsular oral treatment of ragweed allergy, can be approved when the company files an application for registration in Germany in 2007. Curalogic plans to conduct a phase III clinical trial of the product in the US in 2006.

Curalogic is currently in contact with possible investors to raise capital for the very costly phase III trials. Peter Moldt, managing director of Curalogic says the dialogue with investors is very constructive. In addition to financial investors, Curalogic is in contact with pharmaceutical groups regarding tests and production.

Curalogic specialises in oral allergy treatment and has a broad pipeline of mature development programmes focusing on three major allergies: ragweed, grass and house dust mite. Curalogic's technology, based on microencapsulation of allergens, was developed at the University of Cincinnati, USA. The investment fund Nordic Biotech is the main shareholder of Curalogic. The news is reported in national newspaper Jyllands-Posten and in a press release on Curalogic's website.

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