Investment in the Danish telecom sector rises again  

A new report form the National IT and Telecom Agency shows that investment in the Danish telecoms sector during 2004 rose by DKK 10 mn compared to the previous year

The National IT and Telecom Agency's newly published Tele Yearbook 2004 shows that the investment downturn in 2002-3 has come to an end. Investment in the Danish telecoms sector in 2004 totalled DKK 5.7 bn (USD 912 mn), and increase of DKK 100 mn (USD 16 mn) compared to the previous year.

Agency Chief Jørgen Abild Andersen underlines the importance of the telecom sector's investment drive from a globalisation perspective. "It is absolutely fundamental to our international competitiveness in a whole range of business areas," he comments.

While investment in the Danish telecom sector may have faltered in the previous couple of years, sales have been marching relentlessly on. Apart from 2002, sales have increased every year for the past 25 years. In 2004, sector sales totalled DKK 37.9 bn (USD 6 bn), up DKK 1.5 bn (USD 240 mn) on 2003.

Seen from a population perspective, telecom sector investment in Denmark compares very well with other lands. The National IT and Telecom Agency says that investment per capita in Denmark is about 40% above the OECD average. The news is reported by ComputerWorld.

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