Microsoft keeps its major development facility in Denmark  

Doug Burgum, head of Microsoft Business Solutions, says the software giant has good reasons for keeping its second biggest development centre in Denmark

Bill Gates is visiting India this week to look at locations for placing new Microsoft development activities. According to a ComON interview with Doug Burgum, head of Microsoft Business Solutions, who has just visited Microsoft Denmark, the software giant has no plans to move its major development division in Vedbæk, north of Copenhagen, to India.

Doug Burgum comments: "Knowledge and know-how was part of what we acquired when we paid more than a billion dollars for Navision". He points out that there are people with more than 20 years experience in financial management systems working at the Vedbæk facility. "That knowledge of the Navision and Axapta code is essential to our current development activities and the collaboration with our partners", Doug Burgum emphasises.

Microsoft has expanded its activities in Vedbæk since they acquired Navision three years ago. Microsoft is however staying in Denmark not only because of Navision's knowledge: "Copenhagen is also interesting because a lot is happening in mobile technology in Scandinavia. Overall there is a good combination of experience, talent, access to universities and qualified labour here. In brief, a good place to have a development centre", Doug Burgum says.

In 2002, Microsoft acquired Navision for USD 1.76 billion (approx. DKK 11 billion), the second most expensive acquisition in Microsoft's history up to that time. The Microsoft Vedbæk facility employs 700 people and is the company's largest development centre outside its Seattle HQ.

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