Nokia's Danish subsidiary goes from strength to strength  

The Danish subsidiary of Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia now employs over a 1000 people and generates an annual turnover in excess of DKK 1.5 bn

Danish design and development competencies are behind many of the mobile phones that make Nokia the world's No.1 manufacturer. At the turn of the year, the Danish subsidiary had 1039 staff on the payroll, a 4% increase on the previous year. The number of tasks that the Finnish concern sent to Denmark in 2004 grew even faster, and turnover rose by 12%. The Danish subsidiary is now Nokia's 8th biggest worldwide in terms of numbers employed.

The development department forms by far the biggest part of the Danish facility. In 2004 turnover reached around DKK 3 bn (USD 510 mn) with profits of close to DKK 86 mn (USD 14.6 mn). The Finnish concern clearly recognises the value of its high performing Danish company. "We have an extremely competent and progressive development department which is involved in the design and production of a whole range of Nokia's new telephones," says a spokesperson for Nokia's information department.

The news is reported by ComputerWorld. According to a previous ComputerWorld news item from 2004, teleanalyst John Strand said that Nokia placed the development division in Copenhagen because it is easier for them to attract international staff to Denmark than to Finland. The advantageous Danish taxation rates for foreign experts also helps make Denmark an attractive development country.

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