Sonofon acquires fibre optic network in Denmark  

Mobile phone operator Sonofon has entered a collaboration agreement with GlobalConnect to establish a national fibre optic network in Denmark

Sonofon, the second largest mobile phone operator in Denmark, has entered a collaboration agreement with GlobalConnect, a provider of fibre solutions for telecom and data communication services, to establish a national fibre optic network in Denmark. The fibre net will be linked with networks in Norway and Sweden, so that Telenor, the Norwegian company that owns Sonofon, will have a pan Nordic network. Sonofon has until now leased its fibre net capacity from Swedish competitor Telia.

Jan Edvard Thygesen, managing director of Sonofon says in a press release: "With our own fibre net, we can supply efficient fixed net services to our large corporate customers and partners at the same time as making our transmission services more profitable".

Sonofon has more than one million mobile phone subscribers [Danish population 5.3 million - Ed], and generates revenues of DKK 4.3 bn (USD 731 mn) annually. Sonofon's owner Telenor is one of Norway's largest companies with annual revenues of approx. DK 60 bn (USD 110 mn). Last week Telenor acquired Cybercity, a Danish broadband supplier for DKK 1.4 bn (USD 238 mn), and Bredbandsbolaget, Sweden's second largest provider of broadband services for SEK 6.0 bn (USD 820 mn). The news is reported by Computerworld.

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