WPA Mobile among world's most innovative software developers  

Microsoft names Denmark's WPA Mobile as one of the world's 25 most innovative software developers

Microsoft has named WPA Mobile, a Danish software fledgling, as one of the world's 25 most innovative software developers in its 2005 publication Innovation Starts Here. It is the first time a Danish company has been featured. WPA Mobile has developed a mobile standard solution for service companies which use technicians and fitters. The product runs on a PDA and acts as an electronic planning tool, where all relevant information for carrying out the job can be accessed, hours and goods used can be registered, and invoicing can be processed.

Among the advantages of using WPA Mobile that Microsoft highlights are that paperwork and administration costs can be reduced by up to 50%, technicians can invoice up to 20% more hours, and ROI is achieved within 12 months. The software solution is based on Microsoft's .NET technology and is a standard system which can be integrated with most finance systems.

Jens Davidsen, the founder and co-owner of WPA Mobile, says the company has gained the seal of approval by being selected: "We have never doubted that our product has great potential, but we have not yet sold a single solution outside Danish borders. Our current task is now to build a network of dealers abroad who will sell the solution". The news is reported by Erhvervsbladet.

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