B&O Medicom unveils Aspira, its new insulin inhaler  

The Bang & Olufsen subsidiary showcases its new invention at a major European diabetes conference in Copenhagen

At the EASD (European Association for the Study of Diabetes) Conference in Copenhagen last week, Bang & Olufsen Medicom unveiled a new disposable breath-actuated inhaler, called Aspira. The device delivers drugs in liquid form that can be absorbed through the lungs, and can be used for treating diseases such as diabetes.

Aspira overcomes the impracticalities of press-and-breathe inhalers, by automatically delivering a pressurised metered dose when the user inhales from the mouthpiece. The device holds 200 doses, has a delivered dose counter, and features a patented mechanism which reduces the particle flow rate to improve drug delivery to the lungs.

Diabetes is now recognised as a global epidemic, and on current growth projections the number of sufferers is likely to total 366 million by 2030. It is estimated that 48 million people in Europe have the disease and that associated healthcare costs are approx. USD 325 bn.

A wholly owned subsidiary of the Bang & Olufsen group, Bang & Olufsen Medicom is involved in the design, development and supply of innovative drug delivery device solutions and sensor based technologies. Its product range includes inhalers, tablet reminders and injection pens. Profits before tax for 2005/06 were DKK 13 m (USD 2.2 m) on a turnover of DKK 198 m (USD 33.7 m ). The news was reported by epn.dk

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