Biogas plant under construction has substantial export potential  

The Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, which is building a DKK 30 m biogas plant, says the market potential of the slurry technology is DKK 750 bn

The Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences (DJF), a public sector research institution under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, is building a DKK 30 m (USD 5.1 m) biogas plant in Foulum, Jutland. The plant will comprise one large reactor, which will handle slurry from livestock farming at the Institute, and four small reactors which will be used for technology testing. The biogas plant is slated for commissioning in early 2007.

Calculations and analyses prepared by Kent Nielsen of the Aarhus School of Business, show a market potential of DKK 750 bn (USD 127.5 bn) for the slurry technology DJF is developing. To Danish farmers alone, the sales potential of new operational plants for separating slurry totals DKK 10 bn (USD 1.7 bn), while for the five largest pig producing countries in Europe the potential is DKK 30 bn (USD 5.1 bn).

Søren A. Mikkelsen, deputy director of DJF predicts that in 18 months the Institute will be ready with the first operational results of slurry technology. "We aim to find a new and better method of processing the slurry. We have the ability, and I am sure that we are ahead of other countries in this area. In addition, we are developing something that other countries will need very soon. So the stage is set for major new exports of Danish developed environmental and energy technology," says Mikkelsen.

The news was reported by financial daily newspaper Børsen.

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