Biogen Idec plans human trials with NsGene drug  

US biotech firm Biogen Idec is planning to start testing Neublastin, a drug discovered and patented by Denmark's NsGene, in humans in H2 this year

US biotech firm Biogen Idec is planning to start testing Neublastin in humans in H2 this year. The drug was discovered and patented by Denmark's NsGene, a spin-off from Neurosearch, a Danish biopharmaceutical company. The discovery of Neublastin, a protein factor with potent neuroprotective effects, was made possible using bioinformatics methods developed by the Technical University of Denmark.

In 2000, Biogen Idec bought the licensing rights from NsGene to use Neublastin for the treatment of diseases in the peripheral nerve system including the treatment of naturopathic pain. Teit E. Johansen, director of NsGene comments: "Up to now this type of pain has been treated with epilepsy drugs or antidepressants, but with only limited success." Neublastin has the potential to become a blockbuster with possible sales of several billion USD annually, Teit E. Johansen says.

NsGene has discovered that Neublastin also seems to have effect on at least one disease in the central nerve system: "NsGene is currently negotiating with Biogen Idec and other major foreign companies concerning a collaboration in this area. I cannot say more about it, but it looks very promising," the director states.

Licence income from Biogen Idec has been significant for the financial development of NsGene. When the human trials of Neublastin start up, NsGene will receive large milestone payments. The news was reported by Ingeniøren (The Engineer).

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