Danish leader in RFID technology opens test centre in Canada  

Denmark's Lyngsoe Systems has opened a radio frequency identification (RFID) test centre in Toronto, Canada
Denmark's Lyngsoe Systems, a leading software manufacturer and systems integrator of logistics solutions, has opened a radio frequency identification (RFID) test centre in Toronto, Canada. The firm also has an RFID test centre at its headquarters in Aars, Jutland, which primarily services European customers.
Don Ferguson, president of Lyngsoe Systems Canada, commented in a press release: "RFID will fundamentally change supply chain management and the way industries and governments track, trace and manage products delivered throughout the supply chain. With this lab we are helping companies to look beyond the current, short-term mandates and understand how they can integrate RFID as an enabling tool for improving future supply chain efficiencies and distribution."
Lyngsoe Systems supplies solutions for a wide range of monitoring and automating processes in complex logistics chain environments. The company has designed, installed and maintained control and track-and-trace systems for more than 50 years and is among the leaders of implementation of RFID technology. Headquartered in Aars, Denmark, and with operational units in the US, Canada and Romania, Lyngsoe Systems services customers in more than 65 countries.
The news was reported by regional newspaper Nordjyske, and in a press release from Lyngsoe Systems.
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