Denmark can grow all the gasoline it needs, shows research  

New research shows that using future technology, crops from 16% of Denmark's agricultural land can produce enough bioethanol to replace the country's entire consumption of petrol

New calculations from Professor Claus Felby at the Royal Agricultural & Veterinary University show that it is realistically possible to replace Denmark's entire consumption of petrol with biofuel. The required 2nd generation technology is still in its infancy, but it is estimated that 16% of Denmark's agricultural land could produce sufficient bioethanol to replace the 2.5 billion litres of petrol consumed annually in the country.

"Some may say this is an optimistic projection, but it is actually based on conservative estimates," says Professor Felby. He reckons that 2nd generation technology could be in place within 10 years, and that development and commissioning can best happen in interplay with the conventional bioethanol process based on crop seeds.

Prof. Felby is collaborating with Elsam, Denmark's largest supplier of electricity, combined power & heat, and renewable energy, in the EU-supported IBUS project [Integrated Biomass Utilization System – Ed]. The project concerns the development of processes which can utilize starch from straw to produce bioethanol. The 2nd generation technology aims to make it possible to utilize starch from both the seeds and stems of e.g. wheat or maize, thereby significantly improving the bioethanol yield per hectare. The news was reported by the professional publication Ingeniøren (The Engineer).

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