Gameware establishes Nordic HQ and R&D Centre in Denmark  


Gameware Development Ltd., a pioneer within cross media artificial life technology and the creator of exciting games and interactive communications for television, PC, console, wireless and hand-held games devices, has announced the opening of their Nordic Headquarters and R&D Centre in Denmark under the name "Gameware Denmark".

Gameware Development brings a new type of game development to Denmark, with cross media development and the relationship between internet, television, mobile and 3D augmented reality systems being of central interest. Gameware Denmark is setting up business at ‘5te’, the IT house at the IT University of Copenhagen. ‘5te’ functions as an incubator where creative companies, students and researchers can get together, collaborate across disciplines and test new ideas.
Gameware Development Ltd. has chosen to locate in Denmark as it is a great place to run a creative enterprise especially due to the innovative and creative environment at ‘5te’, as well as the availability of creative and talented people with differentiated skills found there. Furthermore, Gameware Development Ltd. finds Denmark to be a perfect location for the company’s expansion to the rest of Europe, particularly the Nordic region, which is a powerhouse for mobile hardware and media companies, innovative digital television formats and internet-based gaming.
"Denmark provides us with a central European location, a clear focus on emerging technology business and an educated and creative workforce.  Gameware is a small company, but the support and welcome that we have received here has been superb.  Our new Office at the IT University of  Copenhagen provides a vibrant hub of creative talent that we are keen to interact with and mobilise in our vision of mixed reality, cross-platform entertainment" states Jeremy Cooke, CEO, Gameware development Ltd.
"Having had the pleasure of working with CEO Jeremy Cooke and Development Director Ian Saunter at Gameware in evaluating and preparing this, their first foreign investment, we are pleased that this has now materialized in an office in Denmark" says Christian Egenfeldt Investment Manager for Technology and Innovation at Invest in Denmark. "Knowing that other countries have offered their services, we are pleased that Denmark proved to possess the qualities and competencies sought by Gameware. Gameware has a long strong history in the games development arena and are renowned for their innovative high quality products, a fact that makes us even more proud that they have chosen Denmark as part of their future strategy. Games development is an industry requiring a high degree of innovation, creativity and technical competencies and it is great to see that Gameware has found these competencies in Denmark. Undoubtedly the office in Denmark will play a strong part in Gameware's future success" concludes Christian Egenfeldt.
After having approached Gameware and understanding the requirements, Invest in Denmark provided Gameware with bespoke material in regards to firstly understanding the framework conditions and secondly the technical and innovative resources. Furthermore visiting programs where arranged for Gameware to Denmark to meet with different potential partners ranging from universities to strategic commercial partners.
Gameware Denmark
Gameware Denmark is headed up by former BBC producer Paul Tyler who has already secured a contract to develop cross media formats back into the BBC. Gameware Denmark’s goal is to develop and produce successful and innovative entertainment formats for a variety of audiences that can scale well across broadcast [television], gaming and mobile platforms, and gain significant value through cross-media integration. Within the next few years the company plans to have a skilled production team working on interactive television projects, employing studio technicians, software engineers, presenters and V/O artists
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