High Tech Foundation puts solid funding into 2G biofuel research  

The High Technology Foundation (Højteknologifonden) has given DKK 93 m to five research projects, with a 2G biofuel project getting DKK 21.7 m
The High Technology Foundation (Højteknologifonden), an independent unit of the Danish state administration, has donated DKK 93 m (USD 15.8 m) to five research projects where private sector companies and public sector research institutions are collaborating to generate new knowledge. One of the projects, concerning development of 2G biofuel from plant stems, received DKK 21.7 m (USD 3.7 m). With the investments from companies and institutions involved, the budget will total DKK 41.9 m (USD 7.1 m).
Charles Nielsen of Dong Energy, one of the collaboration partners in the 2G biofuel project, comments: "We are aiming to develop a technology which makes residual biomass useable and thereby exploit the value of what today is thought of as waste. In contrast to those countries which have chosen to focus on 1G, we are concentrating on industrial development, which means that we are developing on a large scale and a large volume, at the same time as developing at laboratory scale."
Nielsen expects this approach will result in Denmark being faster at getting large scale production of 2G biofuel to function than other countries.
In addition to Dong Energy, industry partners in the project are Novozymes, Statoil, Biogasol and Topsoe Fuel Cell. The public sector institutions involved are the Technical University of Denmark, the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, and Risø National Laboratory. The news was reported by professional journal Ingeniøren (The Engineer) and on the High Technology website.

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