International interest for Danish games at E3 2006 in LA  

Game publishers and distributors at E3 2006 showed interest in six Danish game companies attending the fair, two of which received specific offers on distribution

Six Danish game companies recently attending E3 2006, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the world's largest game fair held in Los Angeles this year, attracted interest from game publishers and distributors at the fair. Two of the firms, one being Guppyworks, received specific offers on distribution:

Per Rosendal, director of Guppyworks says: "It happened so quickly that we had to write the contract by hand." Guppyworks gained a Nordic distribution contract with Pan Vision, a Swedish game distributor which will publish Guppyworks' game about Hans Christian Andersen, the world-famous Danish writer. Before E3, Guppyworks had entered agreements with other foreign publishers so that distribution of the game is in place in most of Europe.

"Our challenge has been to publish our game on the international market, and there isn't really any Danish game publisher that can help us with that," Per Rosendal says.

Runestone Game Development, Pollux Game Labs and ITE had ensured distribution of their games before the fair. Runestone's game Seed was published on the internet in May and is hosted by a US company, while Pollux Game Labs has a contract with Strategy First, a Canadian game publisher which will handle distribution of a strategy game scheduled for release in October. The news was reported by Computerworld.

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