Lolland plans large scale hydrogen and fuel cell demonstration project  

The first phase of large scale hydrogen and fuel cell demonstration project is to start in November on the island of Lolland, south of Zealand
A large scale hydrogen and fuel cell demonstration project will officially get under way 17 November on Lolland, south of Zealand, based on the region's focus on environment and energy. Phase I of the project will cost DKK 11.5 m (USD 2 m) and is being financed by, Storstrøm County Council, Nakskov Municipality, Loke and IRD A/S. Leo Kristensen, head of business at Nakskov Municipality says:
"We are already a type of test centre for straw and wood chips technology, and we would like to expand that to hydrogen technologies. Lolland is highly suitable because we have lots of wind power which can be used to produce hydrogen."
The first phase of the project will comprise testing a 2kW system producing 220V two-phase power, and a 7.5 kW system producing 380V three-phase power. Both systems will run on hydrogen produced electrolytically from water in a plant supplied by Canada's Hydrogenics. Fuel cell stacks are supplied by IRD A/S, a Danish high tech fuel cell company. Optimisation of the storage technology for hydrogen and oxygen is part of the project.
Morten Riis, MD of IRD comments: "The Lolland project is unique – also seen in a global context. So it will clearly help to show that Denmark is leading the way with hydrogen technologies, while also giving the Danish population a feeling of what hydrogen technology is about." The news was reported by professional journal Ingeniøren (The Engineer).

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