Microsoft Denmark to play a central role in strategy to triple revenues  

Senior executives from Microsoft visiting Denmark reveal strategy to triple revenues on business solutions to USD 3 bn over the next two years, with Microsoft Denmark playing a central role
Microsoft aims to triple its revenues generated from sales of business solutions to USD 3 bn over the next two years, and Microsoft Denmark, one of the computer giant's largest development centres outside the US, plays a significant role in the strategy. Microsoft acquired Denmark's Navision for more than DKK 11 bn (USD 1.87 bn) in 2002, and together with Microsoft's acquisition of Great Plains, kick-started its focus on business solutions.
Doug Burgum and Satya Nadella, senior executives of Microsoft's business solutions recently visited its Danish division north of Copenhagen where they spoke of their ambitious plans to financial daily newspaper Børsen. "With our server division as an example, we can see that it is a lot easier to go from USD 1 bn in revenues to 2 or 3, than it is to reach the first billion. That is because over time you get the platform built, get the processes structured and the sales organisation in place, so you are able to scale up," says Doug Burgum, who is in the process of handing over his job to Satya Nadella.
"And regarding our division for business solutions, I think that with Satya as a vital part of the management team, we have now ensured that we are at a stage where organisationally we have the capacity in place to really scale up this business over the next couple of years," says Doug Burgum.
A large part of Microsoft's future business solutions will be developed in Denmark, where the company employs 800 people at its development centre in Vedbæk.

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