Neurodan foot drop product close to approval in the EU  

Neurodan, a neural implants company based in Aalborg, Jutland, expects to gain approval for sales of its ActiGait product on the EU market this week

Neurodan, a neural implants company based in Aalborg, Jutland, which was acquired last year by Germany's Otto Bock HealthCare, is close to a breakthrough on the European market. Neurodan's ActiGait product, an implanted foot drop correction system, is expected to be approved for sales in the whole of the EU this week.

Thomas Sinkjær, research scientist at the Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction at Aalborg University and one of the founders of Neurodan, says: "This is a mark of quality to the many years of research which has been conducted in Aalborg. Sales of the product will create demand for new inventions. And because we have the competence here in our region, we also gain an advantage."

The firm is currently preparing new laboratories for research in northern Jutland, and is also looking at the opportunity for placing forthcoming production of products in the region. The news was reported by Nordjyske.

Neurodan develops novel implantable devices which restore functionality to patients with central nerve damage through the application of Functional Electrical Stimulation and Neuro-Muscular Electrical Stimulation. These technologies replace central nerve signalling. The company originates from the internationally recognized Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction at Aalborg University, and was established in 1994 by Dr. Thomas Sinkjær and Dr. Morten Haugland.

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