Pharmexa starts phase II trial of potential universal cancer vaccine  

The Danish biotech firm has started a multicentre phase II trial of its GV1001 vaccine in liver cancer patients following approvals in France, Spain and Germany
Danish biotech firm Pharmexa has treated the first patient in a phase II trial of its cancer vaccine GV1001, following receipt of the required approvals in France, Spain and Germany. The trial will evaluate the safety and efficacy of the vaccine in advanced liver cancer, with patients being enrolled from three centres in the aforementioned countries.
Pharmexa has great expectations of GV1001, a peptide vaccine that activates the immune system's T-cells to recognise and kill cancer cells by targeting an enzyme called telomerase which is seldom found in normal cells but is overexpressed in most cancer cells. In theory, GV1001 could turn out to be a universal cancer vaccine.
Dr. Jordi Bruix, one of the investigators in the study and a leading expert in the treatment of liver cancer says: "The use of new agents such as GV1001 represents interesting pathways for developing better treatments of liver cancer. If GV1001 lives up to its promise, it may become a cornerstone in the future treatment of this dreaded disease. Its mode of action is new and it appears to be without significant side effects."
Pharmexa A/S is a leading company in the field of active immunotherapy and vaccines for the treatment of cancer, serious chronic and infectious diseases. With operations in Denmark, Norway and the US, Pharmexa employs approx. 100 people and is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.
The news was reported in a press release from Pharmexa.
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