Renewable energy use in Denmark could double, estimates minister  

Renewable energy could account for 30% of Denmark's energy consumption in 12 years, says the Minister for the Environment
Prior to the Danish government's publication of a national energy plan, the Minister for the Environment Connie Hedegaard says it is realistic that renewable energy could account for 30% of total Danish energy consumption in 12 years time. Currently renewable energy accounts for approx. 15% of total usage.
"The 15% renewable energy must be increased significantly. From 1993-2005, we doubled the share, so why shouldn't we be able to double it again in the next 12 years? And even more thereafter," Connie Hedegaard commented at a recent meeting held by the Danish Wind Owners' Association at Risø National Laboratory.
The national energy plan currently under preparation aims to make Denmark independent of fossil fuels in the long term by enlarging the renewable energy supply, increasing cost effectiveness of energy consumption, focusing on research and development and increasing investments in demonstration plants.
"Danish exports of environmental and energy technology have exceeded DKK 45 bn (USD 7.7 bn) annually, and no demand curves are as steep as in renewable energy. The International Energy Agency forecasts investments of DKK 3,500 bn (USD 595 bn) annually in this area over the coming years," says Connie Hedegaard. The news was reported by financial daily newspaper Børsen.

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