Risø paves the way for competitive bioethanol  

Risø National Laboratory is developing a biorefinery concept with the aim of reducing the costs of producing electricity and bioethanol based on biomass

Risø National Laboratory is developing a biorefinery concept in collaboration with the Danish Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Elsam and Sicco. Jørgen Kjems, director of Risø National Laboratory sees great global opportunities for Denmark as a future development centre for competitive bioethanol.

Risø is also collaborating with Jilin province in China which supplies 15% of the country's maize. Preliminary project results show that up to 45% of plant waste can be used for biomass which can be converted into energy and animal feed. Jørgen Kjems says: "China is very interested in the technologies we are developing in this area. So there are great opportunities in developing technology which can convert plant waste biomass to biofuel."

The main purpose of Risø's project, called Integrated Biomass Utilisation System, is to reduce the costs of producing electricity and bioethanol based on biomass. Erik Steen Jensen who heads the project at Risø comments:

"In the biorefinery we are working on exploiting the various substances in plants in the most suitable way. At the same time as producing bioethanol for cars, biopolymers can be used for making bioplastics, plant fibres can be used for light and strong materials for the car industry and plant oils can be used for lubricating oil. Other parts can be used for glue in material production, and the surplus from the production can be used as animal feed."

Erik Steen Jensen emphasises that industrial production of bioethanol will function most suitably in connection with a power station. Surplus heat from the power station can thus be exploited, and at the same time parts of the biomass process which cannot be exploited for other products, can be converted into heat and electricity. The news was reported by Erhvervsbladet.

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