Silicon Valley company comes to Denmark  

US company Litepoint to establish a European head office in Copenhagen, attracted by Denmark's leading R&D competencies in mobile telephony

US company Litepoint, which produces equipment for testing wireless products such as mobile phones, is opening a European office in Denmark. The founder of the company is a Dane who has lived in Silicon Valley for the last 13 years, Benny Madsen. He explained: "We chose Denmark because Scandinavia is a centre for mobile technology development. We are placing both our European head office here, and a research and development centre."

Other important factors that weighed in Denmark's favour are labour market conditions and corporate tax, as well as the concentration of companies with wireless competencies in Denmark and the supply of qualified engineers. "Denmark has more than 30 years' experience in developing mobile technologies, and probably has the highest concentration of engineers with competencies in the mobile phone industry," said Benny Madsen.

In recent years, Litepoint has been in dialogue with Invest in Denmark, which provided information and advice to assist the company in making an informed decision based on relevant country comparisons. Litepoint's operations director Spiros Bouas commented: "When you think about Denmark, then you think of high taxes and small companies. But with the help of Invest in Denmark, we discovered that corporate tax is lower in Denmark than in the US, and labour market rules are amazingly flexible." The news was reported by financial daily newspaper Børsen.

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