Software firm Camelot helps Microsoft drive its robotics ambitions  

Danish robot technology company Camelot has joined Microsoft's group of third-party solution providers supporting the newly launched Microsoft Robotics Studio
The Danish robot technology company Camelot, which develops software solutions for industrial robot applications, has joined a select band of Microsoft third-party solution providers to support the newly launched Microsoft Robotics Studio, a scalable and extensible robotics development platform for creating application software.
Microsoft's ambitions with this new initiative are far-reaching. For just as Bill Gates' creation of a standard programming language revolutionised the computer industry in the 1970s, so Microsoft Robotics aims to develop an industry standard software environment that will ignite the robotics industry. To put it another way, Microsoft Robotics Studio aims to do for robots what Microsoft Windows has done for the PC.
Camelot, which develops and markets Ropsim, an offline programming and simulation system for industrial robots, sees major benefits in adopting Microsoft Robotics Studio technology into its software. A standard platform for integrating robots into the general digital infrastructure can overcome the difficulties caused by today's multitude of specific interfaces and different programming languages.
One of Denmark's leading robotics experts, Professor Ole Madsen of Aalborg University, agrees that Microsoft Robotics Studio's standard software environment is the key to achieving the widespread development and deployment of effective and affordable robots. He is heartened to see that a Danish company is playing a key role in driving the initiative forward. The news was reported by national daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende.
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