Svendborg Brakes gains major order for wind turbine brakes  

Svendborg Brakes has landed a DKK 250 m order from one of the world's 10 largest wind turbine manufacturers

Svendborg Brakes, a Danish hydraulic disc brake system manufacturer, has gained a DKK 250 m (USD 42.5 m) order from one of the world's 10 largest wind turbine producers. The order comprises brakes, hydraulics and electronics for delivery over the next two years. Erik Skjærbæk, managing director of Svendborg Brakes comments:

"We can see that our wind turbine customers increasingly buy package solutions of brakes, hydraulics and electronics which we have developed, so that our deliveries per wind turbine today are five to six times greater than in 2000." Svendborg Brakes expects continued progress in the wind turbine industry due to the strongly increasing price of oil.

"Some years ago calculations were made which showed that with a crude oil price of USD 80 per barrel, wind turbines would be competitive with electricity made by oil-fired power stations. And we are close to that price now," Erik Skjærbæk says. He reckons that in 2006, Svendborg Brakes will achieve a 50% increase in profits compared to 2005. 90% of budgeted orders for the year have already been obtained. The news was reported by Erhvervsbladet.

Svendborg Brakes Group produces and markets industrial hydraulic disc brake systems, electronics, couplings and machining for companies operating in areas such as the mining industry, wind turbine industry, marine equipment, cranes and conveyor belts. The products are made in Denmark, Germany and Spain, and are marketed worldwide.

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