Symphogen gains patent on method for production of antibodies  

Biotech company Symphogen has gained a patent on a method for production of recombinant polyclonal antibodies from the European Patent Office

Biotech company Symphogen located in Copenhagen has gained a patent on a method for production of recombinant polyclonal antibodies, known as symphobodies, from the European Patent Office. The new type of drug can be used for the treatment of diseases including cancer and infections.

Symphogen's managing director Kirsten Drejer says: "Symphogen is the only company in the world with a platform for production of recombinant polyclonal proteins such as antibodies. This new patent will strengthen our patent portfolio and thus our business position in this area."

Symphogen pioneers therapeutic products based on recombinant natural human antibodies for the treatment and prevention of human disease. Symphobodies offer a number of advantages over current plasma-derived immunoglobulins and monoclonal antibody therapies for the treatment of infectious diseases, allergy, transplant rejection, and cancer. The commercial potential of symphobodies is expected to be very significant. The news was reported by professional journal Ingeniøren (The Engineer).

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