Danes' purchasing via the internet surprises even the experts  

Internet shopping advances in leaps and bounds as Danes become increasingly confident about net-based transactions, with insurance tipped as a market waiting in the wings
According to new figures from Statistics Denmark and Jyske Bank, the rate at which internet shopping turnover is increasing is confounding even the experts. The number of purchases made with the national payment card Dankort has quadrupled since 2003, and turnover has increased 5-fold in just five years. This year it is forecast that Dankort internet purchases will reach DKK 16 bn (USD 3 bn).
Besides using the ubiquitous Dankort, Danes are also paying for their internet shopping sprees using cash-on-delivery and Giro payment methods that do not necessarily figure in official statistics, so the overall annual turnover total could be significantly higher. The Danish Distance Selling and eBusiness Association reckons it to be closer to DKK 20 bn (USD 3.7 bn).
The types of goods being purchased via the internet are also evolving as Danes become more confident about net-based transactions. In 2003, entertainment was the biggest selling product area. Today the buying zone has broadened and matured to include holiday bookings, concert tickets, books and clothes. An area tipped to become one of the next boom markets for internet purchasing in Denmark is insurance.
The news was reported by financial daily newspaper Børsen.

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