Danisco forecasts surging sales in enzymes for biofuel production  

Denmark's Danisco, a leading industrial enzymes producer, forecasts a boom in sales of enzymes for bioethanol production
Denmark's Danisco, one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial enzymes, forecasts a boom in sales of enzymes for bioethanol production. In 2006, Danisco generated a monthly sales growth of 20% of enzymes for biofuel in the US alone.
Tom Knutzen, managing director of Danisco comments: "Our sales of enzymes are an important business area which is rapidly increasing. With the number of biofuel factories currently under construction in the US, we will see quite a significant growth for a number of years ahead." The US, which accounts for 45% of the world's production of bioethanol, aims to replace 6% of petrol and diesel with biofuel by 2010.   
Knutzen welcomes the Danish government's intentions to make it compulsory for petrol to contain at least 2% bioethanol during this year, and 6% from 2010. In his view, the government's decision to back biofuel will help create the infrastructural initiatives that will stimulate research into the all important and commercially viable 2G bioethanol.
Danisco was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Copenhagen. The company employs 10,600 people and has an international presence in 46 countries. Danisco is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. The news was reported by national daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende.
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