Danish fashion catwalks into top Fifth Avenue emporium  

8 Danish fashion designers are to debut their fall collections at the exclusive Takashimaya store in New York, having been signed up at Copenhagen Fashion Week
The Japanese-owned Takashimaya store on Fifth Avenue has something of a reputation for exclusivity. Hilary Clinton shops there, apparently. So does Meryl Streep, Steve Jobs and a certain Giorgio Armani. One gets the picture. So it is a major step forward for the budding Danish fashion industry that the fall collections of no less than 8 Danish fashion designers are simultaneously to debut there this week.
Their sudden and numerous arrival in the Big Apple is a measure of the impression that Copenhagen Fashion Week made on Liz Conover, executive director at Takashimaya New York. According to press reports, Conover would have been satisfied to find two designers. Instead she signed up eight: Bitte Kai Rand, Casch, Gar-de-robe, Ivan Grundahl, Isaksen and Noir as well as children's collections from Escencia and Norlie. A more than satisfactory result, for both Takashimaya and the export ambitions of the Danish fashion industry.
The news was reported by financial daily newspaper Børsen.
Copenhagen Fashion Week is held every February and August and features three trade fairs: CPH Vision, Gallery, and Copenhagen International Fashion Fair. The event is organised by the Danish Fashion Institute - an organisation created by and for the Danish fashion industry with the aim of developing a network of industry professionals to drive Danish fashion forward.
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