Danish firm tests new process for making biofuel from organic waste  

SCF Technologies, which is developing a high pressure process for converting biomass into oil, reports a successful test of an in-house produced oil in a diesel engine
Danish fledgling firm SCF Technologies, which is developing a high pressure process for converting biomass into oil, has reported in a stock exchange announcement the successful first test of an in-house produced oil as a fuel (mixed with diesel oil) for a diesel engine.
The test was carried out on Monday this week at Aalborg University's Institute for Energy Technology (IET), which has considerable experience in testing biofuels. Professor Lasse Rosendahl of IET commented that the oil 'combusted very well' in a diesel engine originally from a VW Golf.
SCF uses a process technology called CatLiq to produce oil from organic waste and biomass. Using 'supercritical' high pressure conditions, heated wet organic material is pumped into a catalytic reactor where the large organic molecules are split down into small units and then reformed into oil. In principle it's the same process by which the earth's own oil reserves were formed. The main difference is that SCF's technology shortens the time period from a few million years to a few minutes.
SCF's plan is initially to develop the bio-oil as a sustainable fuel for producing 'green' electricity, and at a later stage for the production of bio-diesel.
SCF Technologies was established in 2003 in an MBO from FLS Miljø in which the company's present management and ownership acquired the rights to a high pressure technology platform. The company is currently listed on First North, but has signalled its intention to shift  to the OMX Nordic Exchange with a new share issue from which the company hopes to raise up to DKK 88 m (USD 17.3 m). The subscription window closes 17 December 2007.
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