Dantherm commercialises hydrogen technology for emergency power market  

Dantherm Power and Jutland energy company EnergiMidt join forces to implement a UPS system based on hydrogen powered fuel cell technology
Dantherm, a Danish company specialising in industrial air management solutions, has announced that it is ready for the commercial launch of a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system based on hydrogen powered fuel cell technology, through its new business division Dantherm Power. The company will not however be manufacturing the fuel cells itself - this will be done by one of the world's leading producers.
The fuel cell system will be targeted at UPS applications including back-up power and cooling for mobile telephone transmitter stations, broadband routing stations, server rooms and other environments where uninterrupted power supplies are essential.
Dantherm Power's first commercial venture with the new fuel cell system will be undertaken in collaboration with EnergiMidt - a local energy and broadband company in central Jutland - for a large broadband routing installation in the town of Skive. EnergiMidt has chosen to focus on the zero-CO2 emission fuel cell technology for UPS systems for its broadband routing installations which serve businesses, public sector institutions and private households in central Jutland. The news was reported by Industriens Dagblad and on Dantherm's website.
Hydrogen technology is a blossoming innovation and enterprise focus area in Jutland, with the development of a "Hydrogen Valley" cluster centred around the town of Hobro, as well as the Hydrogen Innovation & Research Centre (HIRC), a regional knowledge facility based in the town of Herning. HIRC is a network of about 100 Danish research institutes, universities and companies.
As reported on this website, a hydrogen powered car called the Hywet is scheduled to make its debut on Danish roads this fall. The 2-seater fuel cell/lithium ion battery hybrid runabout is the outcome of a public-private sector collaboration between Heat, Serenegy, Cemtec, Aalborg University and Mariagerfjord Municipality.
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