Denmark leads Europe in home PC ownership  

New figures from Eurostat show that 85% of Danish homes have at least one computer, compared with the EU average of 62%
New figures from the EU statistical office Eurostat show that Denmark leads the EU in terms of home PC ownership. 85% of Danish homes have at least one computer, compared with the EU average of 62%. Second in the rankings was Sweden (82%), followed by the Netherlands (80%) and Germany (77%).
The spread of home PC ownership percentages in the EU is wider than one might think. The lowest figures tend to be found in the southern and eastern EU lands, for example in Greece and the Czech Republic where barely a third of homes have a PC. The news was reported by
Denmark's leading position in home PC ownership accords with the fact that the government has maintained a vigorous policy of ensuring the development of "Digital Denmark", with e-government initiatives to make citizens' access to public sector services faster and more cost efficient. Broadband infrastructure throughout the country, using both new optical and existing copper cable networks, has also proliferated at a brisk pace.
Danes are also well known to be early adopters of new technologies, and with the advent of internet services directed at the home such as flight and hotel booking, e-shopping and private netbanking, it is no surprise that Danish homes nationwide are glowing with PC screens.

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