Denmark looks to become global powerhouse for personalised medicine  

Denmark is well ahead in the area of personalised medicine and could become an international hotspot, say investment organisations
Personalising medicines to treat individual patients will be one of the great challenges for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry in the future. So says Jan Trøst Jørgensen, pharmacist and senior research scientist at Dako Denmark, a world-leading provider of cancer diagnostic solutions. The company is one of several Danish companies focusing on treatment with personalised medicines, an area where Denmark could become an international hotspot, according to Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Denmark.
Gitte Pedersen, special advisor at Invest in Denmark in New York says: "This is clearly an area where we have progressed far, and where we are interesting both from a development and marketing point of view."
"Firstly, we have the third largest pipeline of new drugs under development in Europe. Secondly, we have some key competences in system biology, which is the toolbox for personalised medicine. Thirdly, our healthcare system is built in a way where we look at more long-term effects of drug treatment."
Earlier this year, the Danish Medical Research Council granted DKK 22 m (USD 3.96 m) for 17 projects in individual prevention and treatment including: integrated proteomic and genomic approaches to patient/tailored therapy in breast cancer and individualised treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in children based on molecular-biological and pharmacological analyses.
Companies in Denmark focusing on treatment with personalised medicines include Novo Nordisk, Genmab, Santaris, TopoTarget, Pharmexa, Dako, Medical Prognostic Institute, Exiqon and Fluimedix. The news was reported by

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