Dong Energy adds two more offshore wind farms to its power base  

Danish energy company Dong Energy will install and operate two UK offshore wind farms, Gunfleet Sands II in the Thames Estuary and Walney Island in the Irish Sea
Danish energy company Dong Energy will install and operate two UK offshore wind farms, Gunfleet Sands II and Walney Island, reports national daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende. The 18-turbine Gunfleet Sands II facility in the Thames Estuary will have a  capacity of 64 MW, while the 42-turbine Walney Island facility 15 km out into the Irish Sea off Britain's west coast will generate 151 MW. Both are slated to come on stream in 2010. The respective investments are rumoured to be DKK 1.4 bn (USD 277 m) and DKK 3.8 bn (USD 752 m).
"The decision to install the two new offshore wind farms is an important part of Dong Energy's strategy to increase the proportion of its electricity coming from renewable sources," commented MD Anders Eldrup to Berlingske Tidende. Taking other wind farms currently under construction into account, the company's production capacity from wind and wave energy in 2010 will be 60% higher than it is today.
Dong Energy's head of investor relations Steen Juul Jensen is quoted as saying to financial daily newspaper Børsen that German wind turbine manufacturer Siemens has been chosen as the supplier for Gunfleet Sands II, but that the choice of supplier for the Walney Island project has not yet been decided on.
However, a few taps on a pocket calculator quickly confirm that to obtain 151 MW from 42 turbines requires precisely 3.6 MW per turbine. Siemens is the only wind turbine manufacturer currently producing a model capable of that level of power output, so it is difficult to see who else the wind turbine supplier for Walney Island might be. But Steen Juul Jensen is not saying anything either way on the subject.
Dong Energy was founded in 2006 as the result of a merger of six Danish energy companies -  Dong, Elsam, Energi E2, Nesa, Copenhagen Energy’s power activities and Frederiksberg Forsyning.  Dong Energy employs approx 4,500 people and generates revenues of DKK 36 bn (USD 7.1 bn).
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