LM Glasfiber opens new R&D centre in Bangalore, India  

Danish-based wind turbine blade manufacturer LM Glasfiber has opened a new R&D centre in Bangalore, India, which will employ 40 engineers before the end of this year
Danish-based wind turbine blade manufacturer LM Glasfiber has opened a new R&D centre in Bangalore, India. The official inauguration, which took place Thursday last week, was attended by representatives of the government of Karnataka, leading local universities and research institutions, LM Glasfiber group management and the local press.
Frank V. Nielsen, director of R&D at LM Glasfiber says: "Thanks to our global production, we have been able to offer our blades locally on all large markets for many years. With our new centre in India, we are now also starting to globalise our innovation and technological initiatives."
LM Glasfiber plans to employ 40 engineers at the new R&D centre before the end of this year. They will specialise in Finite Element Method, used for complex structural blade design analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, used to perform the millions of calculations needed to simulate the complex airflows around rotor blades, and Computer Aided Design for product development.
Nirmal K. Gupta, general manager of LM Glasfiber India, says: "With the new development activities, LM Glasfiber can also increase its collaboration with leading technology companies, universities and institutions in India with a view to expanding its global access to competences and knowledge."
LM Glasfiber is the world’s leading supplier of blades for wind turbines, and the only supplier that operates on a global basis. The company has manufactured more than 86,000 blades since 1978. LM Glasfiber is headquartered in Lunderskov, Jutland, and employs more than 4,000 people. The news was reported by financial daily newspaper Børsen and on LM Glasfiber's website.
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