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Danish biotech company BioPorto says that its NGAL biomarker has the potential to make sales worth billions of Danish kroner
Danish biotech company BioPorto, which develops and markets antibodies and antibody-based products, says to financial daily newspaper Børsen that its biomarker NGAL has the potential to make sales worth billions of Danish kroner, provided that BioPorto secures all patents and the right licence agreements.
NGAL [neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin] is a new early marker for acute renal injury. Increased levels of NGAL from acute renal injury can be detected in both urine and blood following damage and can be measured earlier than existing diagnostic methods.
BioPorto estimates that the need on the world market is approx. 175 million tests annually, corresponding to patients in intensive care being tested twice a day. An average test costs DKK 90-110 (USD 18-22), which is equivalent to a market potential of DKK 16-19 bn (USD 3.2-3.8 bn). "NGAL will become our primary source of income for many years ahead", BioPorto's managing director Thea Olsen said to Børsen.
Large international diagnostics companies such as Roche, Abbott, Genzyme, Siemens and Radiometer are showing an interest in NGAL. Thea Olsen says BioPorto currently is negotiating with several companies. The aim is to gain an agreement which ensures global spread, payment in advance and royalties on future sales.
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